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Morrowind & Oblivion, Bad Leveling System?

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MrWakeman said...
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I have had a number of people complain to me about the levelling system in Morrowind & Oblivion, i could definitely agree with that statement in the sense of Oblivion, as when you levelled, so did everything else, which i personally found boring, while in Morrowind things where different, but way too easy to become powerful, apparently in "The Elder Scrolls Skyrim" Bethesda have listened to their fans and are updating all of the systems to correct everything we so graciously hate, which will be a nice step up from Oblivion, apart from these attributed i would give Morrowind 10/10. Not so much Oblivion, but what do you think about the levelling system in Oblivion & Morrowind?
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 21/MAR/06
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind -- Game of the Year Edition

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind -- Game of the Year Edition (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Role-playing
Release Date: 28/OCT/03
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 21/MAR/06
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Release Date: 15/DEC/06
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 11/NOV/11
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 11/NOV/11
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hmmm... ok im not trying to sound obtuse but.. I was wondering what Skyrim was cuz my Halo friends r playin it ! So thanks for the info :-) As to Oblivion versus Morrowind... I think when you say leveling you mean gained attributes (like Sneak Skill or Acrobatics Skill increase) and whether thosegained skills in Oblivion transfer into the same gained power the player has (as their skills increase) like they do in Morrowind. I agree that the gained skills in Oblivion are not as significant if even at all significant like they are in Morrowind. I though I was just trippin' as I awaited my leveling up while playing Oblivion, but I guess I wasnt! Looks like Skyrim (altho a totally ooff putting name) is in my near future !
Awesome thanks for the feedback, basically Skyrim is based 200 years after oblivion when they land has naturally rebuilt from the Chaos of oblivion and the empire has split up into four factions (four holds), this means there is forests and other natural sights in game that is absolutely beautiful, on Skyrim all of the glitches from the older series have been fixed, such as (paint brushing), (fast leveling), (item duplication), (enchantment invincibility), and has relatively no glitches which the other companies have admited, you can duel wield spells and you get perks like fallout so i reccomend this game highly as the reviews already are 10/10.
ok ok ok wait. Don't be mad, but what are the paint brushes for again ? lolololololol I keep seeing paint brushes, but I'm only an artist in the 'real world' so I'm so confused when it transfers to the 'other real world' lol Please explain..
"Other real world"!?!?!?

I've always split myself between the real world and the virtual world... To think I could have been splitting myself between reality and reality... Mind explosion.
Haha yeah basically if you drop a paintbrush in oblivion it floats, so people put loads of paint brushes down and make stairways to wherever they want, im suprised they didnt patch it, and my mind is united into both worlds! muhahah! ;)
@snipergirl Add on the MTV brand of real world and we may have yet another.


@KatrinaTheLamia I just experienced a bad case of Deja Vu a few days ago, and all I could think about was the Matrix...
@Roxas-UrBoxas so... we have Ethereal Plane, Astral Plane, Virtual reality, Second Life, MTV "Real World", Facebook Farms, The Matrix' Program and whatever is outside the Matrix.

Are we missing anything?
I think I saw an after school special once about a place called Twitter.
sometimes my black cat appears to walk past the same place twice in the same direction in quick succession...

@Roxas-UrBoxas we are talking about "realities".

While the Discordians hold their grib on Twitter, it will never be able to be possibly called "reality". The Discordians will have no allowance for that.

All that posting about what you are having for breakfast only seems to empower the Discordians.
well ain't that the axiom !?
Personally, I found both to be tedious grinds. Though Morrowind was a little faster, I still found the process tedious and dull. The games were incredibly deep, but it just took so much damn mundane repetition to level anything to where it was fun to use the abilities.
@KatrinaTheLamia Discordian eh? I wanna be a Concordian... Actually, I settle for being any of the Belmont's as well. Pure manliness there.
Flight of the Concordian... Hip-Hop-Otomus - Rhymenocerus.
Well said, I totally agree but would've taken three paragraphs to state as much...@AthenRahl
The cake is a lie.
I always tell people that the cake was never a lie, there was cake, you just weren't allowed to have any.
The cake was not a lie. It even has sediment shaped sediment, fish shaped crackers, fish shaped candles, fish shaped candies and an entry on how to kill a man with your bare hands, and ALL the fixings you could dream of.
The cake is a lie!!!
Pretty sure it wasn't.
The cake *is* a lie, because the lie is that the cake was for you. The cake for you was very much a lie, since I've gone through both games and GLaDOS still hasn't given me any cake. Doesn't matter if there was cake for her; there was no cake for me, that as a total lie.

= The cake is a lie.

... But the pie is forever >_>
Well then people should say "The cake for YOU is a lie" as I saw a cake on multiple occasions.. Can't say something is a lie if I can see it right there.
GLaDOS never once states there will be cake for you.

She just says there will be cake. No where did she ever mentioned you'd be eating any of it.

You cannot accuse GLaDOS of lying, if you completely misappropriate what she is saying.
@KatrinaTheLamia Agreed. Why do we argue so much when we seem to be on almost the same page...?
Ahh but then they would have to say the cake is visibly a lie for you to be correct, or the cake doesn't exist, the cake is a lie implys that your cake is a lie. muhahahaha.
Nah, I'm pretty sure I saw cake. The promise of "there will be cake" was not a lie. There was a cake, I saw it.
There was totally a cake. One of the GLaDOS cores will even tell you how she makes it, if you just ask her.

Still trying to find the flour I need. I have everything else. Do you know how hard it is to find sediment shaped sediment?
@Roxas-UrBoxas it is because we are so close to being on the same page we argue so much more.

It is one of those things that just being nearby, but still out of reach, is worse than being far away.

You have the uncanny valley point... even though you think it is me, that has the uncanny valley point. However I know it is actually you that is just close enough to be weird. =P
@Roxas-UrBoxas Wow, you, like think? Like totally, that is just so super bitchin'!
Omfg man the cake is so a lie.
@MrWakeman Cake is truth.
@KatrinaTheLamia I've been known to brain on occasion.
The "cake" is neither truth or lie. It merely represents and mirrors the way life is - you work hard for something because you think you know what the end result of the hard work will be, in this case "cake" -not to mentioned the awesome feelings of bad-assedness in knowing that you finished the game...I mean, a game has an end and either you get there or you don't - one either finishes the game, or never does :
those are the only real solid truths that apply to all games, across all media, in every language etc. etc. etc. Anything a gamer attains (fun and skill) during those times playing a game - well, I think that's the "cake" cuz the end of the game is just exactly like the end of another game, it ends.

further.... "cake" and the scenario surrounding it, really never turns out how you thought it would be - whether good or bad - the "cake" just cannot be everything, to every one, and in the same ways to all.

I love ice cream cake and I would've passed on it had it been offered to me
@DarkAxiom Nah... Pretty sure I saw cake... Keekeekee! :D
correct. You saw cake, MrWakeman believes the cake to be all lies and I would refuse the cake because I could not care any less about the cake than I already do to begin with. You see - the cake is, if nothing at all, something both similar and different to no one/everyone/ or just one other who feels they are just and right as you, MrWakeman and I feel we are, regarding the (alleged) cake. cha-cha pa-cha
I'm just playing - I don't really care.
I'm just trolling a wittle bit.
@DarkAxiom ah, the literary student answer. Well played, well played.

- @Roxas-UrBoxas is that like an Ontario Gamer laugh, that "keekeekee!"? As I recall one Relee T. Squirrel doing that a LOT. Who I knew her from video game circles mostly.

Before I was Katrina T. Lamia, I was a very very confused werewolf. Part of what confused me was the fact I was a lamia and not a werewolf.
@KatrinaTheLamia "Keekeekee!" are what the bats say in the original Final Fantasy. I use it to my advantage for various situations.

A Canadian laugh sounds more like chainsaws, lumberjacks, beer, and awesome.
@Roxas-UrBoxas naw, I am fairly certain it is what Canadian Gamers tend to do for a laugh.

It is okay, it is an awesome laugh.
@KatrinaTheLamia I wasn't fibbing in my above statement... But since it's awesome, I'll chalk it up to being Canadian.
@KatrinaTheLamia Who were the two from FFVII? Scarlet and Heindeggar or something? They had two specific laughs "Kya ha haha", and "Gya hahah".
boxas your roxas bitch
How dare you!
Enough talk *wine glass smash* Have at you!
Just because the cake was seen, does not mean it wasn't a lie; all we saw was something that *looked* like a cake ;) Considering how twisted and evil GLADoS is, for all we know the cake could have been a Styrofoam sculpture, or even a hologram lol

So the cake is still a lie.

And thanks a lot, DarkAxiom, now I'm craving ice cream cake and I'm broke until the end of the month >_< lol
Styrofoam cake is still cake dangnabbit
@AthenRahl look, GLaDOS even shared her cake recipe. You can google it. It is a nice cake recipe. Your constant statements at this point are merely rudeness, that only indicate how you never really wanted the cake anyways.

Just because it is not edible, does not mean it is not cake.

You're a monster! Can't you just let Science prevail, you monster?

This is where reason has issues... you people seem to be caught up in this rather schizo-affective argument on how you did not get Cake, when Cake was never promised for YOU. Even when YOU did get Cake by your whining, you start to get all irritated because it makes your tummy hurt just a bit.

This is why we cannot have nice Science, people!
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