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Halo Four is coming! But what will the game bring?

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MrWakeman said...
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We all know halo four is coming, but this time, not from Bungie, which, in my opinion is a good thing because hardcore halo 3 fans, have been waiting for a fucking awesome sequel to halo 3, but again, in my opinion, nothing can match the feel and awesomeness of halo 3 multiplayer, reach and odst where good, but not up to my standards reguarding halo 3, So! will halo 4 be a better halo 3? will it be super fucking awesome? you tell me!
Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 01/SEP/10
Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 22/SEP/09
Halo Waypoint

Halo Waypoint (X360)

Release Date:
Halo 2

Halo 2

Release Date: 08/JUN/07
Halo 3

Halo 3 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 26/SEP/07
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hmmmm...when you say "Halo 4" do you mean "Halo : Evolved"?
The Halo coming out November 15 is actually the original Halo but with online play (using the Reach engine) and the option to have the oldschool graphics or new school graphics. I am sure there will be other added things for us to enjoy, as the Halo universe generally doesn't tend to disappoint these days - these days (not the days of Halo Wars etc.)
Halo: Combat Evolved coming out November 15th 2011 is a remastered version of the game released 10 years ago. Halo 4, due to be released during the Holiday's of 2012 takes off from Halo 3's ending. Both games brought to you by 343 Industries.
Awesome comments guys, the remake of the original halo shouldn't be in conjunction with the halo reach multiplayer style but i do think it should use its graphics engine, and yes i am talking about halo 4 in 2012 its going to be epic and my hope is that they use the halo 3 multiplayer style even though it isn't still run by bungie :P x
God forbid you fart wrong in front of Bungie. IMO: They're fascists.
I know, Bungie are so "My way or the highway" just like Square Enix they never listen to their fans, only then will they start winning.
Actually...Square never loses. Unless ur gonna talk about ff11 and dont, just....dont
I actually respect Bungie for that, Bungie have the balls to say "Look we made this game for people based on our ideals, just because you don't like it doesn't mean we will bend our knee to your every whim"

Also I preferred Reach's MP over Halo 3's. Possibly because there wasn't a BR which was effective at every single range :P
Square doesn't listen to fans? News to me...

Final Fantasy X-2 was fan service. Dissidia was fan service. FFIV-TAY was fan service. Yuna AND Prishe being brought into Dissidia was by fan vote. Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus was fan service. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 was fan service. Square listens to the fans more than you'd think they do.

Side note: I hate when companies say "This game is going to be the final installment in our franchise making it an epic trilogy." Halo, God of War, and countless others.

Aside from those two comments, I got nothing else... Halo never interested me. I just remember at E3 "Halo 3 is the last Halo we're ever making." enter ODST, Reach, the RTS one, and Halo 4. God of War interests me, and there's been some crazy rumours of a fourth installment but I still find it upsetting when a company says "It's over" then they flake. So they deserve some shunning too.

Not that it'll stop me from purchasing it... But I'll be angry about it for a day or two. Kinda like Devil May Cry 5.... So angry...
Your mom is square.
(looks around, leaves)
My mom enjoys Square...
She actually just completed FF XIII as of yesterday at 9 p.m.
I was proud of her.
Ok i take your information and views into account, but i will just say a couple of things, first of all the reason they are making a halo 4 is because bungie is passing the beacon of light onto another company, so im wondering if the company will follow bungies footsteps closely, or completely fuck it up, (hence my post) furthermore your views about final fantasy being fan based, only the crystal games governed by the crystal team have listened to fans, and they crystal games such as dissidia have nothing to do with FF7 and FF10 which to alot of hardcore gamers are the best in the series, to me from that point it has gone downhill, and yes, the fans have screamed at them to stop making the series shit and to go back to there old tactics but they just don't listen, everybody knows square enix hardly ever listens to their fans, "don't believe me? look it up!" - "Alex Jones"
Did I say Final Fantasy was entirely 'fan based'?

I thought I said Square does a lot for it's fans... Perhaps the fans are a little too bitchy though. They're remaking FFX for the fans on PS3 because so many people wanted to see it happen. Neku in Kingdom Hearts? Seems like a fan based decision as well... I think people give Square too much of a tough time because they all cry about Final Fantasy VII and how they want that game to be remade. Did anyone stop to realize how much they'd have to tweak and destroy that game and it's original appeal to make it even synch up to a new generation? We're talking about a game with blocky graphics, the use of the spells that have 1 2 and 3 to describe their power, load screens, maps and puzzles based on imagery instead of a roaming camera... The fans want a Final Fantasy VII remake so goddamn bad and I seem to be the only one that thinks it's just too old and dated and you can't remake it without ruining integrity.

Square tries to move forward and they always try to innovate the Final Fantasy series which is actually incredible for such a core J-RPG. Don't want your game to change? Want to play the same old boring thing? Pick up Dragon Quest. Those games never change. The Final Fantasy stories are always touching and I'll always be a fan of their new work and their old work and grateful that a company I consider better than most is still to this day creating games that put most others to shame in graphics, polish, gameplay, style, and story.

I also just looked up something interesting on Kotaku.com... Apparently since fans said FFXIII was good but too linear they're creating the sequel with the simple thought of making it a lot more open and free roaming. I suppose since they never listen to their fans or complaints it must not be true.

And what "Crystal games" and developer are you talking about exactly? Dissidia was created by most of the original FF team and had help from the Kingdom Hearts team as well... Says so right in the credits... Which kind of discredits what you say above there about a "Crystal team" with "Crystal games". Are you talking Fabula Nova Crystallis? Because it's way to early to judge their work as being fan-based... If you're talking about Crystal Chronicles they've NEVER cared about anything a fan says. I know for a fact most people enjoy everything that comes out of the Ivalice Alliance studio so you can't be talking about them... You should clarify because I'm really not following that one statement you made.

As for Bungie helping a new little company carry their torch forward that only means Halo will follow a set amount of rules to how it's designed and perceived without being deviated which doesn't bode well for a series. About the only thing Bungie does that actually is incredible is the surreal amount of testing, tweaking, and polish they do before they release a game. If this new company takes anything from the old company THAT should be what they take.

It's hard to say if giving their brainchild to another company is any good... I mean it's worked in the past but it's also gone terribly wrong. Did you know Breath of Fire was originally created by Square but was sold to Capcom? They did wonders with that series over time... Then you look at a game like Jak and Daxter by Naughty Dog which are incredible games then they pass it on to a new company for a fourth installment and it suddenly becomes a steaming pile of crap.

And wow... I just wrote a giant rant... I'll end it now...
Bungie more or less washed their hands of the Halo franchise after Reach. However Microsoft owns the rights to it so contracted it out to 343 Industries.

The only thing Bungie helped 343 with was the Defiant Map Pack for Reach.
@Mishy I don't keep up with Halo... Don't argue with me about Square though. :D
@Roxas-UrBoxas I don't keep up with Square :P
I've hearted them my whole life. I believe that everything they do is pushing the envelope to a better gaming future. A shame they're having financial troubles from the tsunami...
Thanks for the huge paragraph now i know what your talking about but im afraid i can't come back with one that long, hehe, i understand but all im saying is that Bungie was very pridful with Halo and i personally believed they destroyed the multiplayer aspect after Halo 3, moving on i accept your point about square Enix but after 10 it just whent downhill from my point of view, it took them a good 3 games to actually go wait a second, lets listen, and now they are remaking final fantasy x for ps3 in high definition which is going to be awesome, they are making the sequel to the newest game more free roaming and awesome (like you said) and the new final fantasy versus governed by the crystal team is combining all of the best elements in all the series, and combining the fighting system with the kingdom hearts fighting system, and much more, so yes i accept what you say but my point is they took along time to listen to their fans. :)
A possible reason for this may be the fact that FFXI was their first online game so they had some new ground to traverse and overcome. FFXII was developed by the Ivalice Alliance after Sakaguchi (the original creator) left the team, thus it was very different but still very awesome and Final Fantasy XIII was when the new director took over and started making the creative choices for the series.

Give it time... He's brand new at this and he has to find a niche that empowers his creativity and makes us FF lovers happy. I still think XII and XIII are fantastic pieces of work and art though...
And you were talking about the Fabula Nova Crystallis series... Which may I add FFXIII is a part of. FF Versus, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, and FF Type-0 are set to all take place in that same world in different timelines.
Ahhh i had no idea that the original creator left, thats a shame, why did he leave? somebody new to the series probably would be a bit shy in making creative choices for the series, i love FXIII's art work and music but i am not a big fan of gameplay and yes im talking about the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. :D
I'm pretty sure Hironobu Sakaguchi because he got sick of it... Immediately upon leaving Square he set up his own studio and took the composer with him. Mistwalker was it? I can't remember the exact name of his company, but he made some game called Blue Dragon or something which I didn't play... Shortly after that he created the game Lost Odyssey, which was fantastic.

If the games he made were any indication as to why he left Square I think it's because he wanted to get more creative in his writing. Lost Odyssey was something else as far as a script goes.
There should be a "left" between Sakaguchi and Because.
Oops, forgot my fun fact: The original artist still helped create the characters in FFXIII, I think his name is Amano... But the music director was a new guy, Masashi or something, I think, is his name... I gotta say, he made me a fan of his music by the end of FFXIII.
Hey, I liked FFXI...
@Mishy - exactly, and the Defiant map pack wasn't great :P

Reach is Halo's highpoint for me, a worthy prequel to the original and rolls the best of all the past games into one neat package, and still managed to add great new stuff to multiplayer. A top-notch send off for the series.

After watching just the trailer for Halo 4, I'm just pretending it doesn't exist.
@playforward You have to admit that the fan-base didn't perceive an online FF very well... Nor will they ever... I refuse to play MMO's even if my favourite brand is slapped onto it... So FFXI and FFXIV are beyond me.
I've heard AMAZING things about FFXI mind you, so I'm willing to bet it's still awesome.
@bendrexl hey! the Defiant map pack was good it had . . . stuff.

I think I only truely liked one map on it to be honest.
By composer do you mean music? because im pretty sure nobuo uematsu is still their, FFXI? are you serious what the hell was that game.
No Nobuo didn't compose FFXIII... It was a guy named Masashi, still he's pretty incredible as well. Nobuo did the music in Lost Odyssey, also awesome...
Lost odyssey is an awesome game :D
Wowie ! I was sick as a dog (wtf I've never actually seen a sick dog but twatever!) for two days and I come back to see this totally awesome conversation between very serious gamers - I LOVE IT !!! There's Family Guy episode where Peter rips a nasty fart in the car with Meg and he says , " This is why we're here Meg. This is why we're here." Let it be written, let it be fun.
@DarkAxiom Hahaha!
@Mishy Yeah, there was 1.5 good maps in that pack... they all looked decent, but one in particualr felt really amateur to me. I've played many community forge maps that are better. :(
@Mishy Thankfully, I got the Defiant pack for free (or cheap, or something), so I wasn't really too disappointed. Had I shelled out $10 in spacebucks for it, I would have been.
@DarkAxiom You may be a person worth following... Consider yourself honoured, I don't do this often.

I enjoy people that appreciate...
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